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Book cover Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!
Mo Willems (2003) , under 40 pages
Illustrated by Mo Willems
Audience: Preschool, Primary (k-3rd grade)
Category: Award Books, Humor, Read Aloud
(This book has outstanding illustrations)

The bus driver is taking a break from driving, and he's leaving you in charge to watch the bus. He gives you one important message before he goes. "Don't let the pigeon drive the bus!" Will you be able to say no when the pigeon begs, screams, and cries? Will you still say no when he offers to be your very best friend? He is very tricky. But, whatever you do, don't let the pigeon drive the bus!

Reviewed by: Andrea / Independence Regional Library
Parental Notes

Comments from Readers

Andrew, age 5 from Massachussets

Lexie, age 8 from
You have to read this one out loud and be dramatic! Its too funny!

Paul, age 38 from South Carolina
Excellent book in the series. Children love for me to read the books. I really get into the story and emphasize the pigeon's actions and talking.

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